La Colombe Cold Brew Fridge Pack Review

I posted this over on the La Colombe Cold Brew Fridge Pack page, and, as is my want as of late, I am posting it here for posterity.

Happy wife, happy life

My wife decided to start drinking cold brew instead of using K-cups, and as I am diehard La Colombe Nizza drinker, I made her some cold brew out of those beans. She liked it, but it seemed like a hassle to make the cold brew myself when I could just buy one of these for her instead. So… that’s what I did. The good: very rich, bold, chocolatey flavor that lays a great foundation for whatever other junk you want to pile into it (water + cold cream for the TikTok trend); It’s not insanely concentrated with caffeine, I felt like it ends up being less caffeine per ounce compared to Nizza beans brewed with the AeroPress stumptown method (if that means anything to you, you must be me), and I think this is a good thing for my wife. Lots of flavor, not a huge amount of caffeine. For me, I’ll stick with my Nizza beans, but having a jug of this in the fridge at all times will be good when I’m in a pinch.