Here’s a list of some of the things I’ve made for you. But first, internalize:

People have been thinking too long that art is a privilege of the museums & the rich. Art is not business! It does not belong to banks & fancy investors. Art is food. You can’t eat it but it feeds you. Art has to be cheap & available to everybody. Art soothes pain! Art wakes up sleepers! Art fights against war & stupdity! Art sings halleluja! Art is for kitchens! Art is like good bread! Art is like green trees! Art is like white clouds in blue sky! ART IS CHEAP!

Why Cheap Art Manifesto


Aislingeach is an iOS client for the AI Horde, a distributed open source network of GPUs running Stable Diffusion. Generate images for free, forever, and with total privacy and no corporate control.


A macOS screensaver that displays forever changing Bauhaus-inspired abstract art generated fresh, twice a day, by Stable Diffusion and the AI Horde.


A macOS screensaver that displays the time using 24 clocks.

Preview animation of MultiClock screensaver showing 24 clocks rotate to show the numbers 1234, then a pattern, before rotating back to midnight.

Life Saver

Conway’s Game of Life implemented as an artistic, abstract macOS screensaver and tvOS app.

Life Saver tvOS Main menu


Manage your Pi-hole(s) from your macOS menu bar.

PiBar Screenshots

Gamebook Engine

Gamebook Engine is an iOS app for creating and playing gamebooks, a type of interactive fiction where the player gets to make decisions that influence the story.

Gamebook Engine Screenshots

Last Statement

Last Statement is a macOS screensaver that displays the last statements of people executed by the State of Texas.

Last Statement Screenshots


Swatch Internet Time right in your macOS menu bar.

dotBeat Screenshot

Aeon Garden

Aeon Garden is an abstract artificial life simulation, with iOS and tvOS apps, and a macOS screensaver.

Aeon Garden Zoomed-Out View
Aeon Garden Zoomed View

Retired Products

I’ve also run some products that I have ceased running or maintaining.

Numu Tracker

Numu Tracker was a free app and service for keeping track of and learning about new music releases by your favorite artists. It existed from 2018 to 2020

Numu Tracker Screenshots


Textlike was a web-based, text-based roguelike built out of PHP.