After the Rain

It was nice to go for a ride after all that rain.

Viggo's Raincoat

We got Viggo a raincoat. Not sure if he likes it.

Gatsby on AWS S3 and CloudFront

This is a quick hit and run post on how I got my Gatsby site up and running on S3 and CloudFront with minimal fuss. The main perk to running a site this way is that it is very nearly free. Unless my blog gets a lot traffic, I assume I'll be paying at most $6.00 a year to host my blog. That's cheaper than I've ever hosted a site for, and the entirety of that charge is just paying for Route 53 to support DNS for my domain. I mostly just followed this blog post from the team at Appfocused . There's a couple bits of data they leave out, like how to set up your…

Hello World!

Hi! Welcome to my new blog. I don't really know what I am going to put here, because I haven't blogged in so long that I feel mostly like I have nothing worth saying. I wanted to learn some React, and Gatsby seemed like a cool way to use React as sort of a framework for building simple websites. I'm only in the beginning stages, but components seem like a very nice thing for web development, and being able to compartmentalize the CSS by component also seems really cool, if a little unusual compared to the mammoth CSS files I've been building since 1998. I also…

Viggo the Model

Central Park

Slab City