Last weekend I started working on a new iOS app for accessing the Stable Horde, so you can use various open source generative models to generate AI art. I’ll post something more about it later. But in the meantime, if any of that means anything to you, it’s up on TestFlight. Join the Aislingeach beta. It’s up on GitHub, too, of course.

Goddamnit. As a diehard fan of basically all things Damon Lindelof, it was really tough to read this article all about how Lindelof and Carlton Cuse were huge dicks on LOST. There are parts of LOST that I really didn’t enjoy, even while it was airing, and this article offers an explanation for all of them.

I’m still making my way through the latest Lindelof project, Mrs. Davis. I like it a lot. The other creator on that project is a writer whose past credits are primarily Young Sheldon and the Big Bang Theory, which (you may have already assumed) almost ruined the show for me. But, you know what, the Lindelof formula works with a little absurd humor. It’s bit like MANIAC in that regard, but veers even further into a weird manic humor. I think Mrs. Davis must have been written partially with the help of ChatGPT because it’s so random in a way LLMs often are. But I do have LLMs on the brain….

I guess I get it finally. In my twenties I felt like I was a sixteen year old trapped in an older body. Now that I’m nearly 38, I feel like a 20 year old trapped in an older body. I wonder when I’ll start to feel my age, if ever?

If there is a phone related problem I’d love to see solved, it’s opening my phone up to do something specific but then getting distracted by a notification and forgetting what it was that I wanted to do in the first place. Distraction free computing?

It’s extremely hard to use WordPress as a microblogging platform because literally everything about it is oriented toward maxiblogging.

I kept getting a popping noise from the speakers connected to my MacBook Pro, along with an annoying prompt in Discord all the time telling me my iPhone was available as a microphone. Realized I needed to turn off Continuity Camera on my phone, which I never use. Go to General > AirPlay & Handoff > and turn off Continuity Camera. No more popping noise, no more Discord annoyance!

I got an AeroPress for Christmas and luckily I immediately tried the Stumptown method, because since then I’ve tried a few other methods and they make horrible coffee compared to that one. If I had tried another method first, I might not have fallen in love with my AeroPress and the La Colombe beans. It’s just amazing how sensitive coffee brewing is to relatively small changes.

I shut down the Mastodon instance I was running today, literally just now. Over the holiday break, as I was moving, I used Mastodon very little and found I didn’t really miss it. Micro-blogging or short form social media was interesting back in 2006 when Twitter first started. It was a lot of people just sharing what they were up to, what they liked, and so on. But social media is different now. Instagram and Facebook accelerated us into a moment where we are all extremely image obsessed, and Twitter somehow became the place online where you cultivated and maintained your political image. The Twitter users migrating to Mastodon brought this idea with them, and a lot of posts are just people broadcasting their political beliefs as incontrovertible truths that everyone must adhere to. It’s exhausting and I’m over it.

It would be nice if we could someday get back to social media as something we use to broadcast our interests and hobbies to the world, instead of using it as a way to bludgeon people into submission with our thoughts and feelings.