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Legal Battle Over Missouri Clinic Could Foretell Abortion Fights In Other States

As a fight over abortion laws simmers in Missouri, both opponents and supporters say their state's battle could be replicated across the country.

The TB That Afflicts Much Of The World Was Likely Spread By Europeans

A new study looks at how tuberculosis has traveled the world — and the lessons that can be learned about treatment of drug-resistant forms.

The Sunburnt Country

Whiteness as disease in a skin-cancer ridden Australia.

Jenny Graham Cycles Around The World In Under 125 Days, Shattering Record

It took less than 125 days — just over one-third of a year — for Jenny Graham to ride around the world, covering some 18,000 miles on her bike.

Travis Scott And Drake Head To 'Sicko Mode' Houston, Where It's Always Nighttime

The Dave Meyers-directed visual is a kaleidoscopic view into Scott's psychedelic, whiplashing Astroworld, with an assist from Drake — and the entire city he's from.

U.N. Calls For End To 'Virginity Tests'

The tests are traumatic and unreliable, the United Nations said in a statement this week. In Afghanistan, there's a campaign to bring the practice to a halt.

The myth of meritocracy: who really gets what they deserve?

Sorting people by ‘merit’ will do nothing to fix inequality

Interviewing Lou Reed: Not a perfect day

An interview gone awry.

VIDEO: Watch The Sea Forager Sustainably Harvest The Ocean's Bounty

In sun, sea and sand, Kirk Lombard teaches people how to responsibly fish and forage for dinner along the Northern California coast.

Spain Plans To Remove Franco's Remains From A Memorial, Angering His Supporters

More than four decades after his death, the dictator Francisco Franco remains a divisive figure. His tomb is situated at a memorial outside Madrid that has become a pilgrimage site of sorts.

Afghanistan Delays Election In Kandahar After Attack That Killed Police Chief

The rest of the country will vote Saturday. But one journalist says that after a gunman pulled off a surprise attack in Kandahar, "there's a huge security vacuum, people are very nervous and worried."

How Henrietta Schmerler Was Lost, Then Found

Almost 90 years ago, a young anthropologist was murdered in the field. The case still speaks volumes about sexual assault and how we explain it away.

Trump Says He Now Believes Khashoggi Is Dead, Threatens 'Consequences'

Their statements are a departure from more nuanced comments Trump made earlier this week. Trump also approved Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin's decision not to attend the kingdom's financial summit.

After ICE Raid, A Shortage Of Welders In Tigertown, Texas

In August, immigration officials hauled off 150 workers from a northeast Texas plant — one of ICE's largest operations in a decade. Now the employer is pushing back.

New York Hospital Says It Knew Of Sexual Misconduct By Pediatric Doctor

The Rockefeller University Hospital says it was aware for several years that Dr. Reginald Archibald, who died in 2007, engaged in misconduct with one or more of his minor patients.

Detained American Graduate Student Allowed To Study In Israel, Court Rules

Israel's Supreme Court said Lara Alqasem should be allowed to study in the country despite her past association with a student group that supports boycotting Israel.

How Does A Red Seat Turn Blue? Utah Race Tests Democrats' Strategy To Take The House

As the national Democratic party shifts to the left, control of the House in November likely rests on moderate Democrats beating Republicans in red districts Trump carried handily in 2016.

A Rural Colorado Coal County Was Struggling. Then A Tech Company Brought New Jobs

For the first time in years, Delta County in western Colorado is experiencing population growth, one indicator that rural Americans are increasingly feeling optimistic about their economic future.

StarKist Pleads Guilty To Price Fixing In Alleged Collusion In Canned Tuna Industry

Three companies — StarKist, Chicken of the Sea, and Bumble Bee — are accused by the government of conspiring to keep their canned tuna prices high.

Episode 101: The Fox

This episode picks up where Episode 100 left off. We suggest you listen to them in order.

When Martin McNally met another plane hijacker in prison, they started coming up with a plan to escape...using the very thing that got them there in the first place.

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