Postico 2.0 – macOS PostgreSQL Client

When I first started my professional development career nearly five years ago now, I was handed a copy of Postico and a business license for it. Since then I’ve used it probably every single working day and a few personal days. It’s a great macOS app, arguably the best, for accessing PostgreSQL databases. Yesterday I saw that there’s a new version: Postico 2.0.

It fixes an annoyance I barely registered in a massive way: you can now save and categorize self-written SQL queries and it’ll auto-format them for you. Just really awesome and I’m sure this’ll be a super valuable tool in my work flow. I’m just getting settled into a new macOS install as this update comes out, it’ll probably be fun to categorize my existing queries from the old machine into the new one, at some point.

It has other cool new features too, but I see myself using that one the most.

ANYWAY… I bought myself a personal license for Postico 2.0, as licenses for the previous version do not carry over. I consider it a permanent part of my development toolkit, so it seems worth the money to me. Check it out!