AeroPress Clear Review

I posted this on the official product page for the AeroPress Clear but you never know if they’re actually going to publish negative reviews or not, so here it is for posterity.

It is what it says it is, but is also kinda stinks – ★★★★☆

I almost want to give this product five stars, but I cannot. I bought it because I wanted a clear AeroPress, so I could see what is going on better while I make my coffee. Also, clear things are cool, I grew up in that era. Inarguably, this is exactly that, and it lived up to my expectations in that way. This is a clear AeroPress. Kudos to the engineering that went into it, I heard a little bit about how it may have been tricky to mold an AeroPress out of this material. In that way, the actual object itself is 5-stars.

However, I have to subtract a star because for an extra $10, you are getting less product than you would have gotten if this were literally the clear version of the same product I bought in 2021. You do not get: 250 replacement filters (only 100), no filter holder, and no funnel, which to me is a very egregious omission as it make a big difference with how easy it is to get grounds into the AeroPress. It’s actually sort of shameful how blatantly obvious it is that the company that bought AeroPress is now trying to squeeze the product for as much money as they can, by raising prices and reducing the quality of the overall product.

Luckily my two AeroPresses will hopefully last me the rest of my life and it won’t work on me! Well, you did trick me into buying a Clear Aeropress and the flow control filter cap to some extent, so… well… I guess it did work on me! Good on you, capitalism.