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In my spare time, I build open source software, and write about my experiences as a programmer here on this blog.

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What I'm Up To - Week 34, 2020

Howdy! This is my weekly post where I write about whatever programming-related stuff I got up to in the past week.

PiBar for iOS

Well, I guess I took some time off programming in my free time, 'cause you may have noticed it's been about 11 weeks since I last posted an update.

This past week I started to feel the itch to build stuff for fun again, and started work back up on PiBar for iOS. I haven't done a lot; I left off at building up the table views for adding a Pi-hole, and just recently started to wrap up getting that UI wired up so that it actually functions properly. In the macOS version, the add panel also functions as the edit panel, and I built the iOS screen out without considering that at all. So, I'll have some fun refactoring and pounding on stuff to get it to work for editing as well, when the time comes.

There's not a ton else for me to do before I can get a working first beta out there with a minimal feature set. That means I need to get the following features in place: time-based disabling, editing / deleting added Pi-holes, and, hmmm... that's about it. Everything else in this phase I'd consider "polish", like getting the custom app color working, the ability to customize the disable time options, and wiring up the help buttons in settings.

After the first beta, I plan on working on the Query Log feature, with the ability to add to your allow or deny lists. I figure we'll also need some method to edit the existing allow / deny lists if I can do so. At that point, the app is functionally complete and could be released. After that, I'd want to tackle adding a Notification Center widget (for iOS < 14 users) and home screen widgets (for iOS 14+ users); and then after that, maybe an Apple Watch app. These last couple things I've never done before, so they'll be completely new territory for me. Not too worried about it though.

Not much else to report on at this point otherwise.

Welp, that's it for me this week. See you next week probably!