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YouTube Pulls Ads from Vlogger Logan Paul For Tasing Dead Rats

The video platform has temporarily shut off the video star's revenue stream, citing a "pattern of behavior" that the company says is potentially damaging to other creators.

Logan Paul Issues Suicide Awareness Video, In Return To YouTube

Three weeks after a backlash over footage of a dead body in Japan's "suicide forest," Logan Paul publishes a new video. It focuses on a suicide survivor and promotes awareness.

YouTube Limits Relationship With Logan Paul After His Video Depicting Dead Body

More than a week after Paul removed a post showing him laughing beside an apparent suicide victim, YouTube has pulled the star from its top-tier advertising program and shelved his original projects.

Logan Paul, YouTube Star, Apologizes As Critics Slam Video Showing Dead Body

Before publishing footage from Japan's "suicide forest," Logan Paul said, "tomorrow's vlog will be the craziest and most real video I've ever uploaded."

YouTube Faces Increased Criticism That It's Unsafe For Kids

Many videos on the site feature popular characters in upsetting and violent situations, and some videos of children have attracted pedophilic comments. YouTube says it is toughening its approach.

YouTube Star Jake Paul's Neighbors Tell Him: We're Not Jake Paulers

Residents of the street where Paul rents a large house are meeting with police and city officials to review code requirements, after a series of pranks and antics at his West Hollywood home.

Once An Alternative To Mainstream TV, YouTube Now Offers Just That With New Service

With its streaming TV service launching Wednesday, YouTube joins a crowded field. But it offers several features the others don't.

Google Promises To Keep Ads Off 'Hateful, Offensive' YouTube Content

On Friday, a division of a global marketing group with a digital budget of more than $200 million put its dealings with Google on "pause," citing recent controversies.

Disney Company Drops YouTube Star PewDiePie Over Anti-Semitic Jokes

More than 50 million people are subscribed to videos by gamer and comedian Felix Kjellberg. Now he's lost a lucrative contract with a Disney-owned firm, The Wall Street Journal reports.