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Joey Biden, He Could Really Talk

The very early life of Joe Biden.

"So, What's Your Policy on 'Pussy'?"

A roundtable on sexism in Hollywood and comedy.

Relapse or Homelessness

Inside the abusive “three-quarter house” industry that serves addicts.

Kim Barker | New York Times | May 2015
"You Call This An Emergency?"

Investigating the death of Rikers Island women’s jail inmate Jackie Caquias, and other abuses of women prisoners’ access to medical care.

When the Family Business is Ribald Wedding Poetry

One man describes his family’s tradition of delivering rhyming couplets at celebrations.

Addy Walker, American Girl

The role of black dolls in American culture.

The Secret Sadness of Pregnancy with Depression

“We still have retrograde ideas about how pregnant women should feel, and we need to revise them — not only for depressed women but for all women.”

A Thousand Pounds of Dynamite

In 1980, a bankrupt gambler came up with a plan to get his money back. He built an incredibly complex bomb, one that was impossible to diffuse and that only he knew how to move, and snuck it into a Lake Tahoe casino with an extortion note demanding $3 million. Part of the plan worked. Part of it did not.

Jodorowsky On God, Anti-Semitism, And The Uses of Poetry

“What I do is not magical realism. I do realistic magic. Look, whenever someone does something new, people have to compare it with things they already know. So even if you innovate, you end up being connected to the past. When I began making movies people linked me to Fellini or Buñuel. Now new filmmakers are called ‘jodorowskian.’”

Ilan Stevens | Literary Hub | May 2015
Fly Trans-Love Airways

Rebellious teens on the Sunset Strip.

Renata Adler | New Yorker | Feb 1967
  • Wow, fun read. > “You’re judged by the people you run with, right?” Meg said. “I’m adopted, and my parents really... : amiantos
The Piscivore's Dilemma

A vegan sets out to see if there’s an ethical, sustainable way to eat fish in 2015.

Tim Zimmermann | Outside | May 2015
Under the Skin

A West Hollywood aesthetician made headlines after allegedly trying to have a business rival killed. But the real story, involving ongoing harassment and a member of the so-called Bling Ring, may be more complicated.

Greg Nichols | Los Angeles | May 2015
Fiction Pick of the Week: "Other Gods"

A tornado causes physical and psychological turmoil in a religious community.

"I Just Wish for People to Give Me a Chance"

Omar Khadr was 15 when he was captured in Afghanistan in 2002. He was held in Guantanamo for years without charges. He was tortured. And earlier this month, after nearly 13 years behind bars, he was released on bail.

How Do You Define A Gang Member?

If you’re in a gang, the law can impose harsh penalties. But even though the police think they’ve got all the signs of gang membership down pat, it turns out that you can’t really tell just by looking.

For the Mouth Speaks

After a member of the Church of Wells abruptly left the group (which may or may not be a cult), many held out hope. A week later she went back, and the church’s elders are eager to explain why.

Previously: Sinners in the Hands

Sonia Smith | Texas Monthly | May 2015
17 Shots in Pasco

The life of Antonio Zambrano-Montes, shot dead by the police in Washington state.

Brooke Jarvis | Seattle Met | May 2015
What Was Wrong With Everything Was People

On being kicked out of Doris Lessing’s house.

The Quest for Hitler's Lost Treasures

The detective work that led to the recovery of a trove of stolen Nazi art.

Why Baltimore Blew Up

The failures of the “broken windows” approach to policing.

Matt Taibbi | Rolling Stone | May 2015