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An Opportunity Gamed Away

A casino failed to save Tunica, Mississippi.

The Hunt for El Chapo

How the world’s most notorious drug lord was captured.

Previously: Patrick Radden Keefe on the Longform Podcast.

Never Mainline

On Keith Richards’ autobiography.

There’s some very sensible advice on how to take drugs, too.
The Invisible Man

To date, more than 500 people have been killed by police in America. This is the story of one, Charly Keunang.

Jeff Sharlet | GQ | Jul 2015
The Forgotten Village

Revisiting California’s grape vines more than 70 years after the publication of The Grapes of Wrath.

Serena Williams: The Great One

The best women’s tennis player of all-time opens up.

Federer as Religious Experience

On the joys of watching the winningest tennis player of all time play live at Wimbledon.

David Foster Wallace | Play | Aug 2006
Eff Scott

On what’s in a name.

What Happened in Room 102

The case of Richard Glossip, whose failed Supreme Court challenge of execution methods now leaves him waiting for death. But he still insists he’s innocent.

Weekend with Bernie

He may not be the surest bet for the Presidency, but Bernie Sanders might be the most interesting candidate in the race.

Charlie Hebdo’s Multi-Million-Dollar Pile of Tragedy Money

A global outpouring of generosity after the massacre in January has left the satirical magazine rich. Its leftist staffers have conflicted feelings about that.

Roger Cohen | Vanity Fair | Jul 2015
The Mixed-Up Brothers of Bogotá

Two pairs of identical twins mismatched in a hospital happen upon each other in their twenties.

The Millionaire Who Rescues Migrants at Sea

Christopher Catambrone wants to help illegal migrants who try to cross the Mediterranean in ill-equipped, unsafe boats. But it’s hard to do alone.

Fiction Pick of the Week: "Stick Shift"

A girl’s interaction before her Coming Out dance.

“I had no idea about myself, whether I was pretty or different or what. That I had not yet attracted a boyfriend was a failure that weighed on my mind. If I was pretty, I figured, I would have one already. But if I was different, a fresh idea for me, that would explain the problem, for I thought that boys didn’t like girls who weren’t the same as every other girl they knew. I didn’t play varsity sports and look like it, and I wasn’t fey, I didn’t play an instrument or go in for the arts. I was smart, though. “Boys are intimidated by your intellect,” my married sister once told me, meaning it as a compliment. But I didn’t act nearly as smart as I was, so I couldn’t believe that was true.”

The Lost Girls

The Runaways, their manager Kim Fowley, and the rape of the band’s bassist, long kept a secret.

Make It Reign

Spins from the DJs at Atlanta’s seminal Magic City strip club can turn nobodies into hip-hop stars.

Devin Friedman | GQ | Jul 2015
Spike Nation

What it’s like to be a first responder amid the rise of synthetic marijuana.

The Mob's IT Department

Two successful tech geeks slip into organized crime.

Meet the Flintstones

A couple tries to give away their house in Flint, Michigan – but no one wants to live there anymore.

Her Own Best Disputant

An early profile of Diane Keaton.