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The War on Big Food

How packaged-food companies like Campbell and Hershey are responding to the backlash against pesticides, preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, growth hormones, antibiotics, gluten, and genetically modified organisms.

Beth Kowitt | Fortune | May 2015
Crossover Potential

A mortuary employee surveys her scene.

Sarah Wambold | Joyland | May 2015
The Star on the Sidewalk

On Arielle Holmes, a burgeoning actress who was, literally, plucked from the streets.

Amy Larocca | New York | May 2015
The Government Won’t Let Me Watch Them Kill Bison, so I’m Suing

One man’s quest to witness the “Bison Cull” in Yellowstone National Park.

Christopher Ketcham | Vice | May 2015
  • Stupid asshole cattle farmers.  : amiantos
Can China Take a Joke?

The culturally-bound mechanics of comedy.

Fiction Pick of the Week: "A Friendly Game"

A story of growth, regression, and divergent paths.

“But mostly, Joan sat for hours in her favorite spot of their old living room couch where she breastfed Phil. It felt sometimes like he was resting in the crook of her arm. And other times, her breasts would drip milk and she’d sit with a throbbing ache in her chest. Her husband returned twice a week, a different person each time as if trying on new identities: laughing, angry, sedate, stoic. Sometimes he brought the rocks with him. Sometimes Joan would have to go out on her own looking for them.”

This Is What Happens After You Die

The process of decomposition, recounted in painstaking detail.

What Makes the "Lion Whisperer" Roar?

On spending your life among large felines.

Susan Orlean | Smithsonian | Jun 2015
Reversal of Fortune

A BASE jumper emerges from a coma after a bad fall and sets about rebuilding his body and his life.

Elizabeth Weil | Outside | Jul 2012
Can Racism Be Stopped in the Third Grade?

A controversial effort divides students by race in order to combat racism.

Lisa Miller | New York | May 2015
Inexplicable Crime

On the psychology of mass killer Anders Behring Breivik.

Judy Blume Knows All Your Secrets

“She has no theories, for example, to explain why she, of all people, felt unburdened by the unspoken rules marking certain subjects off limits for children, or why, for that matter, she has that particular gift, that ability to recall the emotional experiences of adolescence, the confusion, the longing, the rivalries — the memories, in other words, that most of us try to bury as quickly and deeply as we can.”

The Untold Story of ILM

An oral history of Industrial Lights & Magic, which gave birth to Star Wars and countless films, as well as playing a hand in the creation of Photoshop and Pixar.

Howie Kahn | Wired | May 2015
72-Hour Party People

In an upscale Denver condo, twice-a-month they convened from Thursday to Sunday with 95 percent-pure Shabu.

David Holthouse | Westword | Sep 2003
The Gang’s All Here

The Bandidos, Texas’s biggest motorcycle gang, say goodbye to one of their own.

The Incredible Buddha Boy

“A legend is growing in Nepal, where people say a meditating boy hasn’t eaten or drunk in seven months. He barely moves, just sits under a tree, still as a stone. It’s impossible, some say. Is it a miracle? A hoax? Let’s find out.”

George Saunders | GQ | Jun 2006
  • > Ancient Mariner–style, my seatmate, a Kosovar, tells me about a Serbian paramilitary group called the Black Hand that... : amiantos
  • AWESOME read. It's been six years, I wonder if there is follow up? : amiantos
    • Wikipedia article says he turned up a year later meditating in an underground room: [link] : amiantos
To Have and to Hold

Sex, the Constitution, and the Supreme Court.

Jill Lepore | New Yorker | May 2015