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On heroin and harm reduction.

Sarah Resnick | n+1 | Dec 2015
One Day, 625 Delays

The ripple effect of a single MTA mechanical failure.

Robert Kolker | New York | Feb 2016
Helium Dreams

How one man wants to transport the world’s heaviest cargo in airships that are lighter than air.

A Ghost Among Us

One woman’s attempt to break the speed record on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Cancer Cons, Phoney Accidents and Fake Deaths: Meet the Internet Hoax Buster

Inside one woman’s often conflicted world.

Death of a Pig

On the grief that comes with losing livestock.

E.B. White | The Atlantic | Jan 1948
The Real Story of Germanwings Flight 9525

An attempt to figure out why, and how, a young pilot named Andreas Günter Lubitz deliberately plunged an airliner into the remote French Alps, killing himself and the other 149 people on board.

Joshua Hammer | GQ | Feb 2016
Single Women Are Now the Most Potent Political Force in America
“Women are not abstaining from or delaying marriage to prove a point about equality. They are doing it because they have internalized assumptions that just a half-century ago would have seemed radical.”

Excerpted from All the Single Ladies.

Rebecca Traister | New York | Feb 2016
Windows on the Will

A trip to the zoo, Charlie Kaufman’s new film, and human despair.

The Spectacular Fall of a TV Genius

How David Milch, the creator of NYPD Blue and Deadwood, blew his $100 million fortune at the track.

Heavyweight Champion of the Word

In an era when America’s great sportswriters were as big as the athletes they covered, W.C. Heinz may have been the best of the bunch.

What Should We Say About David Bowie and Lori Maddox?
“Word choice is hard here. Should we say “raped” automatically if a grown man has sex with a teenager? Does it matter at all if the 15-year-old, now much older, describes their encounter as one of the best nights of her life? What is our word for a ‘yes’ given on a plane that’s almost vertically unequal? Does contemporary morality dictate that we trust a young woman when she says she consented freely, or believe that she couldn’t have, no matter what she says?”
Jia Tolentino | Jezebel | Feb 2016
The Golden Generation

Why China’s super-rich send their children west.

Jiayang Fan | New Yorker | Feb 2016
Umberto Eco: The Art of Fiction No. 197
“It’s odd, the older I get, the more I remember.”
A Black Police Officer’s Fight Against the N.Y.P.D.

Was Edwin Raymond punished for not meeting quotas?

Love—In Other Words
“Love purifies. Suffering never purified anybody; suffering merely intensifies the self-directed drives within us. Any act of love, however–no matter how small–lessens anxiety’s grip, gives us a taste of tomorrow, and eases the yoke of our fears. Love, unlike virtue, is not its own reward. The reward of love is peace of mind, and peace of mind is the end of man’s desiring.”

The author’s first published article.

Harper Lee | Vogue | Apr 1961
Brace Yourself

Why we want—and how we get—straight teeth.

Rose Eveleth | Racked | Feb 2016
Toward a Pathology of the Possessed

How we talk about—and live with—schizophrenia.

The Secret Lives of Tumblr Teens

Inside a world where a user named Pizza can amass millions of followers, transform internet humor, get caught peddling diet pills in get-rich-quick schemes, and have their blogs shut down—all before graduating high school.

What Pigeons Teach Us About Love

Exploring the blurred line between biology and sentiment.

Brandon Keim | Nautilus | Feb 2016