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Hiking with seniors is a stupid idea. Slow and wobbly!

  • Sounds like a nice leisurely stroll through the woods! : amiantos
  • fuck no. he was worse than a drunk guy. wobbling all over the place, falling, cutting up his legs. The hike was great but... : farmsicles

I cannot seem to paste a copied link into either of the post boxes. What's up with that @amiantos?

  • On my iPhone. : farmsicles
  • It takes a couple taps to get 'paste' to appear, but it'll appear. There's something weird going on with how the iPhone registers... : amiantos
    • Like how many taps? Is 25 too much, I still don't see paste. Broken shit. : farmsicles
      • I usually tap, and then like tap but wait for a beat. Don't tap so quickly and it'll work. : amiantos

On my way back from the Zona.

  • Don't you work in the morning? Or you have Monday off too? : amiantos
    • I did, but didn't go to work. Didn't feel good : farmsicles
      • Sweet. Playing hooky. : amiantos

I have no strong feelings one way or the other.


Smoking weed! With @amiantos

  • Set a profile picture! : amiantos

Department meeting today. Boring!

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DMV sucks. Getting old sucks. Having to renew your drivers license at the DMV cause you've had too many renewals over the Internet double sucks.

  • But being alive? It's priceless! God bless. : amiantos
    • It's only priceless if someone would want to buy it. : davery

I'm in! What's up dudes?

  • What's up farmer? : davery
  • Same ol' same ol', you know. : amiantos
  • Whelp, this site is dead already. Later jerks. : dancrum
    • What a dick. : amiantos