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My name is Dan. I ruin everything.

So Amiantos still exists. I guess with the RSS feeds it can basically auto run forever?

  • Yup. I still view it a couple times a day. It’s basically my feed reader. I had to disable new registrations because some... : amiantos

So our own posts don't show up on the following tab. That's unfortunate.

  • It's easy enough to change that. I just yesterday removed the follow button from your own profile. : amiantos
    • Maybe just auto follow yourself? : dancrum
      • Maybe. : amiantos
      • I set it to show you in your own following stream by default. Just makes more sense that way, especially when I set the Following... : amiantos

This is a watchface I made for my 360. It's based on a real Skagen watch that I already own but never wear due to a dead battery and broken band. Anyway, it was reposted by Facer on Instagram, so that's pretty cool! I made this one too:

Also based on a real life watch by Storm from London.

  • All that technology and all you do is create ugly skeuomorphism of dumb watches? : amiantos
    • "ugly" :'( : dancrum
      • Your photoshop technique is solid but I think the skeuomorphism thing is tired and ugly. That looks like a 90's Winamp skin.... : amiantos
  • I need to fix the inline image view. Ugly! : amiantos
    • Also I already know additional uploaded images should insert the URL in the post box. : amiantos
      • Done and done. : amiantos
  • I'm going to have to make it so that users of a certain class can tag people's posts for them. : amiantos
Deep Freeze

For Brad. Please, remind me what this website is about.

  • First thing on that site "Ethical alternative: Christ Centered Gamer". I bet you're one of three people who takes that site... : amiantos
  • I checked out some of their rankings and the first one I click on is them being upset that this reviewer pointing how King... : amiantos
    • P.S. This is Andrew Groen that I clicked on. : amiantos
    • Now who sounds like a political quack? You sound like a birther. The site isn't trying to silence people who call out sexism,... : dancrum
      • "Cronyism, lying, collusion," none of those things that King of Fights VIII article was about. The article was specifically... : amiantos
        • Luckily when you search for "deep freeze" on Google you never find anything related to this site. : amiantos
        • I had this long great reply to this, but I got a forbidden error trying to post it so I quit. : dancrum
          • I guess that's the joy of cheap shared hosting I guess. Sometimes it thinks that some part of a post is actually malicious... : amiantos

Applied for 3 jobs at IGN last night, got a call about a job in the Chicago suburbs today. Either way, I'm hopeful for a new job soon, with better pay!

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For you @amiantos


  • I don't like any Apple Watch dock that costs $50-60 and requires your own charging cable. It seems ridiculous. Every dock... : amiantos

So, Windows 10 can use Objective C, C++, and Javascript for apps now. That means that iOS and Android apps can be ported over directly into any device. PC, phone, Surface, even the Xbone. That is pretty fucking awesome.

  • At least Microsoft finally figured it out. If you can't get people to develop for your platform, just create an emulator... : amiantos
  • I put my mom's pirated copy of Windows 7 in line for a free copy of Windows 10 today. How exciting! I hope it doesn't bite... : amiantos
    • It's basically a prettier, faster version of 7 with some more bells and whistles. You should be okay. : dancrum

It is really hard to post in Android

  • Get a better phone?[image] Apparently iOS knows to scroll to the post box when you select it. : amiantos
    • The iPhone 6 is some awesome hardware, but I am not a fan of iOS. I could see myself using an iPhone is someone else bought... : dancrum
33°30\'52.5"N 73°03\'33.2"E - Google Maps

Paging @amiantos

  • Takes me to 30 30 out in the ocean on mobile. I'll have to look on desktop... : amiantos
  • I'm assuming this is a link to the android pissing on apple thing. : amiantos
    • Haha of course : dancrum
      • Your link doesn't work or Google's removed it already. : amiantos

Is there a way we could choose the color of the line on the bottom of our posts? Like make, choose a color theme for profiles or it pulls a color from our photo ala google? I think it would be a nice touch.

  • Also, a clear all button for notifications would be nice. : dancrum
    • Yeah yeah... : amiantos
  • Oh you don't mean site-wide, you mean for your own posts. I dunno. Probably not. There are two site themes already, and I... : amiantos
    • Kinda like how Google search results show up on mobile : dancrum
      • I'll think about this. : amiantos

Livin' the dream B-)

  • At work? At home? : amiantos
    • Home : dancrum
      • Not moving out here in August then I figure? : amiantos
        • I'm still planning on moving to the west coast, but I'm leaning more towards Portland. More hipster, less drought. : dancrum
          • Cool, I might end up there eventually. Not sure though. Depends on how many stores my company opens and where. : amiantos

So I'm very tempted to buy a Moto 360 now that they've been marked down, but my coworker keeps telling me not to, and now I'm considering buying a 50mm prime lens and some ram. I dunno. I'll probably get it anyway, especially with @amiantos getting his Apple Watch. Can't let him get ahead of me.

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So the Apple Watch moved more units in one day than Android Wear has in a year. I'm optimistic on what this means for me smart watches, but seriously hope it doesn't mean rectangular watches are going to become the norm again. They're so ugly!

  • Says the guy with a retangular face. I think this is a case of hidden self-loathing. : amiantos
    • They're so ugly! : dancrum
      • [image] : amiantos
  • Also keep in mind that 1 million sales estimate was for the U.S. only. Apple Watch went on sale in, I think, 9 countries?... : amiantos

Hey, @amiantos, wanna move in together in August?

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Yo, I bought the game Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U this weekend, and if you have a Wii U, you owe it to yourself to buy it. It is so much. I'm pretty sure this game is the closest I've gotten to getting an excitement boner from a video game.

  • Did you ever play Dynasty Warriors? Isn't this the same thing with a Nintendo skin? : amiantos
    • I have played Dynasty Warriors but could never really get into it. I think using the mythos of Zelda, along with the familiar... : dancrum
      • I don't want my new website to be a bunch of neckbeards talking about vidya, you're b&! : amiantos
        • Cool : dancrum
  • I've sort of wanted it, but not enough to actually get it over games I've wanted more. : Jolteon39

I love the new logo, but hate the new layout.

  • Feel free to take a stab at designing it differently. Make a mockup if you want, I can handle the codifying. : amiantos
  • Tell me what you would do differently!!! DO IT! TALK TO ME. : amiantos


Thought you might appreciate this Brad, the first draft of the logo I made for the the StarCitizen organization I'm in, PK StarStorm Omega

  • [image] : dancrum
    • Pretty cool. Very late 90's. Judge Dredd. : amiantos
  • Also, being able to edit/delete posts would be nice. : dancrum
    • I guess. It wouldn't be hard to implement. : amiantos
  • Reply notifications are IN. :) : amiantos

Man this site needs stickers wicked bad.

  • [image]) : amiantos
    • [image]) : amiantos
  • [image] Test... : amiantos
    • I was hoping to find some way to build it in so that auto-linked urls that are images are just shown as images. : amiantos
    • MOTHERFUCKING BAAAAAM I DID IT. Inline images just by pasting in the image link. : amiantos

So I deleted my OkCupid profile today and deleted the app from my phone. The whole thing just feels so forced at this point. Like, who wants to meet someone because you went over their profile, analyzing every little detail, debating if they're attractive enough, etc. Meeting someone shouldn't be like doing homework. I'll just stick to meeting women organically and then have things crash and burn, like usual. I'm much more comfortable with that idea.

  • If it makes you feel better, either online or organic, everything crashes and burns for me, too. : amiantos