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Just, you know, working.


Updated my avatar. How do I look?

  • Totally styling. You ever take that thing off any sweet jumps? : amiantos

Piloting my tractor while listening to Dwight Yoakum. In case anyone was doubting my authenticity.

  • I can't see the name Dwight Yoakum without thinking of this scene from The Minus Man: [link] : amiantos

Maybe it worked.

  • It worked!!! : amiantos
  • Totally following the #tractor tag now. : amiantos

Site is looking slick. Here's a tractor pic.

  • Well, I THOUGHT I uploaded a tractor pic. : TractorPilot
    • I need to make it more clear that the picture URL will appear in the box when it's done uploading. I think I can do some... : amiantos
    • Oh, shit, picture uploading is broken. : amiantos
  • Ok I fixed it. The upload photo button wasn't supposed to submit the post at the same time. My bad. You should try again?... : amiantos