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Whenever I look at my writing, I feel like it at least looks aesthetically pleasing, even if it isn't actually legible, but I think it's just awful handwriting.

  • Handwriting is unimportant in this modern age of ours. Mine is terrible, too. : amiantos
    • Handwritten stuff is still common and required. : Jolteon39
      • Not in the real world it isn't. : amiantos
        • It is in the computer industry, ironically enough. Unless that's just my dad's experience, and it's not the case everywhere... : Jolteon39
          • Doing what in the computer industry? Reports would be typed I would think. : amiantos
            • Wow a comment with no author. I should probably check for that before posting LOL. : amiantos
              • Spooky! : Jolteon39
            • I don't know. Something to do with cars, probably, since he works for Honda. : Jolteon39

Whenever I get nervously excited, I always flip rapidly through all of my tabs, refreshing them to see if anyone posted anything new or anything, but everything I follow is pretty slow moving so typically I don't find anything. Plus, the more nervous I get, the faster I flip through everything, and that tends to make stuff refresh slower, which makes me feel more nervous... I want to settle down and do something, like watch a video or play a game or something, but I'm too nervous to do anything that takes the time to slow myself down and do it.

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One of my favorite Let's Players just returned from his hiatus to upload this. It's funny and heartbreaking at the same time.

  • Sorry for scaring you away :( : amiantos

I finally started playing Textlike since my cool, better-than-Amiantos run. It's pretty fun as usual, but it's kind of a hassle when I clear a floor, activate the boss, and want to go back to get some things, but the boss locks me in the room with it. Normally you can dodge enemies by just not going to new rooms, but the boss shows up in old rooms, so you can't avoid it. It'd be nice if you could leave the room if the boss is in it.

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I'm very pleased with this website so far. I rate it 7/10, would share with all my friends if I had any.

  • Me too... Me too. I'll work on getting it up to a 9/10. : amiantos
  • I see you had some sort of problem logging in earlier, were you able to log in? : amiantos
    • A little while ago, yeah. I'd hit the log in button and I would still be logged out, so I gave up after a few tries. It worked... : Jolteon39
      • There was a cookie conflict I had to resolve, apologies. Luckily I saw some evidence of your login attempts so I looked to... : amiantos
  • You might want to re-upload your profile gif to see if the resized/thumbnail version ends up being a little less blurry.... : amiantos
    • Oh yeah, I just tested it myself using your avatar, and it makes a decent difference. : amiantos

No support for animated GIFs or transparency for avatars? Lame!

  • I will look into this and fix it. I need to improve the image uploader anyway to generate multiple thumbnail sizes. : amiantos

@amiantos You should design a Facebook-style version of Textlike so everyone can play it together here, endless amounts of posts bugging other users for apples and bandages and stuff all included!

  • LOL, that's a great idea. Maybe when I start to get bored with adding features to this I can see if I can make Textlike more... : amiantos

I hate people and their sports, always making me worry about their injuries and getting hurt and stuff.

  • People should play safe sports. Like eSports. No one ever got hurt playing eSports. Unless you count social lives as people.... : amiantos
    • I'm going to try and get all the dangerous sports (basically all of them) made illegal someday. If you live in the US, vote... : Jolteon39
      • You have my vote. : amiantos