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GCHQ and Me

The costs of a life spent reporting on spies.

Learning to Speak Lingerie

A Chinese underwear merchant rises in Egypt.

Peter Hessler | New Yorker | Aug 2015
Hunting Rebecca Francis

The woman trophy hunter, notorious for her controversial “hero shot” beside a dead giraffe, profiled.

Kerry Howley | New York | Aug 2015
Ribbers Got Beef

In Ontario, Canada, ribfests were largely non-profit affairs. Then one man decided to make a profit off their popularity.

Have You Heard the One About President Joe Biden?

A graveyard, a stutter and Ray-Bans: The Vice President, profiled.

Jeanne Marie Laskas | GQ | Jul 2013
The New Abolitionists

The anti-human trafficking stings conducted by Operation Underground Railroad are flashy, exciting, camera-ready. Whether or not they truly help victims is another question.

How A Small-Time Drug Dealer Rescued Dozens During Katrina

When all else failed, he commandeered a bus, and saved his neighbors. Now he’s in prison.

Joel D. Anderson | Buzzfeed | Jul 2015

The politics of Planned Parenthood.

Jill Lepore | New Yorker | Nov 2011
The Arc of the Sun

A trip to the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race.

Best of Enemies

The mutual hatred of Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley, Jr., punctuated by great insults like “crypto-Nazi.”

Jim Holt | New York | Jul 2015
Logan Paul Has Conquered the Internet, But He Can’t Figure Out How to Conquer the World

He’s got millions of followers on Vine. He’s got sponsors paying him tens of thousands to promote their products. He’s got a vanity license plate that says “AYYYYYYY.” It’s not enough.

Yemen's Hidden War

A remote nation and a burgeoning humanitarian catastrophe.

Warren Buffett’s Family Secretly Funded a Birth Control Revolution

The anonymous donations that helped fund new IUDs.

Breaking Ground

The struggle to build a wine industry in rural China.

Amy Qin | California Sunday | Jul 2015
"No More! No More!"

The abusive relationship between a Bell Gardens mayor and his wife ends with her firing a gun.

Hillel Aron | LA Weekly | Jul 2015
This Woman Gets Students Accused Of Rape Back Into School — For A Price

A business opportunity stemming from “a moment in time when the debate over how colleges should address sexual assault has reached a fever pitch.”

Katie J.M. Baker | Buzzfeed | Jul 2015
Fiction Pick of the Week: "Murder Games"

Family relationships and the complexities of childhood imagination.

“Out the side door and into the yard. Plastic table, plastic sandbox in the shape of a turtle, two plastic chairs blown over. An empty birdfeeder. Ella had no idea why Blanket would be out here. This was why adventures needed preparation: because once they were underway they were always disappointments. In her backpack the string was unused, the flashlight unlit. She took the fork out just to feel like she had packed more wisely than she did.”

The Web We Have to Save

What the internet looks like to someone who spent the past six years in an Iranian prison.

Hossein Derakhshan | Matter | Jul 2015
The High Life and Fast Times of Jim Dent

The author of The Junction Boys can’t tell you how many times he’s been arrested.

Frankenstein’s Mother

Sometimes your mom keeps the monsters at bay, and sometimes, she is one.

Darcey Steinke | Granta | Oct 2014