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The Unbelievable Tale of a Fake Hitman, a Kill List, a Darknet Vigilante... and a Murder

Hitman-for-hire darknet sites are all scams. But some people turn up dead nonetheless.

Gian Volpicelli | Wired UK | Dec 2018
Demon Underneath

The rise and fall of fraudster John DeLorean.

Covering the Cops

A profile of Edna Buchanan, a Pulitzer Prize-winning crime reporter for the Miami Herald during its heyday.

Calvin Trillin | New Yorker | Feb 1986
A Very North Idaho Neighborhood Culture War Christmas!

How one man’s quest to spread Christmas cheer led to a miserable four-year war with his neighborhood

The Warhead and the Well

Tracing an airstrike halfway around the world back to an American bomb factory.

Two Identities, One Man

The story of $800 million hedge fund fraudster Boaz Manor who led the alleged $31 million Blockchain Terminal ICO after disguising his identity with a beard.

Frank Chaparro | The Block | Dec 2018
Swamp Thing

The rise of Mike Pence’s chief of staff Nick Ayers and what it reveals about post-Citizens United politics.

Can Special Effects Be Special Again?

How the VFX industry plateaued —and where it might go from here.

Bilge Ebiri | New York | Dec 2018
Mystic Nights

The making of Blonde on Blonde in Nashville.

Bowel Movement

On the Squatty Potty and changing the way the you poop.

Alex Blasdel | The Guardian | Dec 2018
Frustration, I Love You

A profile of Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Ariel Levy | New Yorker | Dec 2018
An Elephant Crackup?

African Elephants have been killing people, raping rhinos, and exhibiting uncharacteristically aggressive behavior. An investigation reveals deep similarities between elephants’ and humans’ reaction to childhood trauma.

Ghosts of Highway 20

Women vanished along a stretch of Oregon highway. One man might be responsible for it all.

Friday Night Lights

On the start of the high school football season in Odessa, Texas. An adaptation published alongside the release of Bissinger’s 1990 book of the same name, which led to the movie and the show.

Next Year in Jerusalem

When her brother embraced Orthodox Judaism, the author began to question her own reality and went to Israel to find some answers.

Isabel Wilkerson on Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ and the Great Migration

The former first lady’s new memoir recounts her family’s trajectory from the Jim Crow South to Chicago’s South Side and her own improbable journey from there to the White House.

150 Minutes of Hell

The inside story of death and survival as the Carr Fire’s tornado of flames stormed Redding—and changed firefighting in a warming California.

It Happened One Night . . . at MGM

When Patricia Douglas was raped by an MGM salesman at a 1937 studio party, the 20-year-old dancer filed charges, taking on Hollywood’s most powerful institution.

David Stenn | Vanity Fair | Apr 2003
Reconsidering the Jewish American Princess

How the JAP became America’s most complex Jewish stereotype.

Jamie Lauren Keiles | Vox | Dec 2018
Fiction Pick of the Week: "What Fundamentalists Do"

While visiting a new church, a teenager questions her faith.