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Ballots and Bloodshed

The militarization of local politics in South Africa.

How do you decaffeinate coffee?

Some of us love the taste of coffee but can’t deal with the effects of caffeine. So how exactly do you take the caffeine out of a coffee bean?

Meow Wolf’s Magic Kingdom

How a ragtag group of artists launched an art-entertainment empire.

How Asia Got Crazy Rich

Toward a materialist history of the blockbuster movie.

Andrew Liu | n+1 | Sep 2018
And You Thought Trump Voters Were Mad

American women are furious.

Rebecca Traister | The Cut | Sep 2018
Overdose and Punishment

When Chad Baker died from a lethal combination of cocaine and heroin, prosecutors charged Tommy Kosto, his friend and fellow drug user, with killing him—a tactic from the Reagan-era war on drugs that is gaining popularity around the country.

American Farmers Are in Crisis

Falling prices and a trade war mean small farmers are struggling to stay afloat

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Trump’s Battering Ram

What the press secretary believes.

Paige Williams | New Yorker | Sep 2018
The Good Word of Gucci Mane
Skinny, sober, happily married, and seemingly full of radiant light, Gucci’s become an improbably inspiring public figure, a beacon of serenity and gratitude for positivity-starved times.
Alex Pappademas | GQ | Sep 2018
The Talented Mr. Khater

A 23-year-old living in Chile was suddenly attacked and buried alive by her roommate. She later learned she wasn’t his first – or last – victim.

The Real Goldfinger: the London Banker Who Broke the World

The invention of offshore banking.

Conspiracy Theories Inspire Vigilante Justice in Tucson

How one man’s imagined discovery of a sex-trafficking camp in the Sonoran Desert gained life online — and in the real world.

How Maya Rudolph Became the Master of Impressions

A profile.

He Was a First-Round Draft Pick in the NBA. 14 Years Later, He Was Found Dead. Who Killed Lorenzen Wright?

A long-dormant police investigation gives the case new life.

Nathan Fenno | LA Times | Sep 2018
Descend Into Great Britain’s Network of Secret Nuclear Bunkers

In the mid-20th century, Great Britain maintained a network of 1,500 underground, volunteer-staffed bunkers in case of nuclear war. Now, one man is restoring two of these abandoned shelters to period-perfect condition.

Country Pride: What I Learned Growing Up in Rural America
For me, country was not a look, a style, or even a conscious attitude, but a physical place, its experience defined by distance from the forces of culture that would commodify it.
Sarah Smarsh | The Guardian | Sep 2018
The Country's First Climate Change Casualties?

Scientists predict Tangier Island could be uninhabitable within 25 years. This is the story of the people willing to go down with it.

Fiction Pick of the Week: "Mae and Me"

After her husband’s disappearance, a woman bonds with her landlady.

What Happened at the Lake

A father took his 10-year-old fishing. She fell in the water and drowned. It was a tragic accident—then he was charged with murder.

The Deferential Spirit

On Bob Woodward’s “rather eerie aversion to engaging the ramifications of what people say to him.”