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What Gets Lost If The Net Forgets?

When no ancient chat or post is beyond the grasp of Google, what matters more: the right to forget, or to be remembered?

What Happens Next Will Amaze You

A talk on personal data and the people who collect it:

“Let me ask a trick question. What was the most damaging data breach in the last 12 months? The trick answer is: it’s likely something we don’t even know about.”
Hitler at Home

How the “genial Bavarian” version of Adolf Hitler became a global media celebrity, “a plain-living gentleman with a soft spot for dogs and children.”

Fiction Pick of the Week: "Toroid"

On mathematical shapes and family ruptures.

A Tragic Fight Between College-Bound Basketball Stars Changed Lives Forever

The story of a sudden death amid a high school recruiting scandal in Texas.

When the Womb Is a Crime Scene

An Alabama woman took the equivalent of one Valium during her pregnancy. A few weeks after she gave birth, she became one of more than 1,800 new and expecting mothers arrested under the state’s chemical endangerment law.

Nina Martin | ProPublica | Sep 2015
The Magic Of Untidiness

Decluttering is en vogue these days, but there is still merit and meaning to our stacks of books and objects.

Hemingway in Love

Hemingway was in love with two women at once. He found the experience wrenching.


A profile of Yankee legend Yogi Berra, who died Tuesday.

Extreme Altruism

Julia, a 30-year-old, has spent her life trying not to take more than what she needs from the world. It’s made life very difficult.

My Husband Is Now My Wife

The spouses of transgender people face their own dramatic transformations — only no one celebrates them.

The One Clean Man

Finding a saint in a leprosy settlement in Hawaii.

David Zax | Atlas Obscura | Sep 2015
Gore Vidal vs. Academe

He had the mind of a scholar, but he always insisted he didn’t want to be one.

Dreamgirls, Nine, and the Greatest Face-Off in Tony Award History

The battle between 1975’s biggest shows.

Solving The Mystery Of The Lockerbie Bombing

After three decades, has the brother of a victim of the Lockerbie bombing solved the case?

The Dark Origins Of Conjugal Visits

Conjugal visits loom large in pop culture. They are the subject of prison-related jokes and fantasies. Despite their reputation, reformers believe that more prisons should have them. While they may be good policy, the visits got their start in America for the worst possible reasons.

The Man Who Made Animal Friends

Life at a roadside zoo with ligers, orangutans, and an elephant in Florida.

Ian S. Port | Rolling Stone | Sep 2015
The Avenger

Ken Dornstein’s older brother died when a bomb exploded on Pan Am Flight 103. For the past two decades, he’s been obsessed with identifying who’s really responsible.

Is Hamlet Fat?

We think of the character as lithe and slim as the actors who’ve played him. But Shakespeare might not have intended him to be that way.

Isaac Butler | Slate | Sep 2015
"Close Your Eyes and Pretend to Be Dead"