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Just Desserts

Sandy Jenkins was a shy, daydreaming accountant at the Texas headquarters of Collin Street Bakery, the world’s most famous fruitcake company. He was tired of feeling invisible, so he started stealing — and got a little carried away.

Katy Vine | Texas Monthly | Jan 2016
Inside The Watery World Of Maritime Repo Men

Thousands of boats are stolen each year, and some are recovered using alcohol, prostitutes, witch doctors and other forms of guile.

“Spotlight” and Its Revelations

The real journalists who inspired the movie look back on their investigation.

Sarah Larson | New Yorker | Dec 2015
The Hustlers at Scores

They were an organized group of ex-strippers, plus a few role players recruited from Craigslist. They fished for marks in strip clubs, Wall Street cocktail bars, and even TGI Fridays, and then lured them to strip clubs. The marks woke up with little memory of the night before and their credit cards maxed out.

Jessica Pressler | New York | Dec 2015
The Hustlers At Scores

How strippers at Manhattan’s big name clubs stole from the rich and gave to themselves.

Two Lanes to Accokeek

A car race goes tragically wrong.

Michael Graff | SB Nation | Jun 2015
The Disappearing Trans Women Of El Salvador

The story of how a group of trans women vanished in the midst of El Salvador’s civil war has been passed down from generation to generation, creating a legend that gave them a place in the history of a country that often seems to wish they would disappear.

Karen Silkwood — Dead Because She Knew Too Much?

She was a young plutonium worker whose Honda Civic Hatchback ran off the road and smashed into the wall of a concrete culvert. In her trunk were manila folders full of documents, which immediately went missing.

Howard Kohn | Rolling Stone | Jan 1977
How To Choose Which Land To Protect

The success of large wildlife corridors depends as much on sharing space as it does on stitching the wilderness together.

The Higher Power of Russell Wilson

On the quarterback everyone loves to hate.

City of Fear

How PCC, once an inmate soccer team and now Brazil’s most notorious prison gang, coordinated seven days of riots throughout São Paulo using mobile phones.

Failure Factories

On Dec. 18, 2007, the school board in Pinellas Country, Florida, voted to abandoned integration. They justified the decision with bold promises: Schools in poor, black neighborhoods would get more money, more staff, more resources. They delivered none of that. A 5-part investigation.

The Art of Tour Guiding

What it’s like to drive tourists around the Australian outback.

The Billionaire Battle in the Bahamas

The whole thing began over a puddle in the driveway. Eight years later, Peter Nygard and his neighbor Louis Bacon, who own houses next to each other in paradise, have spent tens of millions in a constantly escalating legal war. Neither man spends much time on the island anymore.


When James Brown died on Christmas Day 2006, he left behind a fortune worth tens, maybe hundreds, of millions of dollars. The problem is, he also left behind fourteen children, sixteen grandchildren, eight mothers of his children, several mistresses, thirty lawyers, a former manager, an aging dancer, a longtime valet, and a sister who’s really not a sister but calls herself the Godsister of Soul anyway.

Sean Flynn | GQ | Apr 2009
The Day Bobby Blew It

Bobby Fischer unravels before the 1972 World Chess Championships, a.k.a. the “the Match of the Century.”

Brad Darrach | Playboy | Jul 1973
No Offense

On feminism and the limitations of outrage online.

Jia Tolentino | Jezebel | Dec 2015
What I Learned From Losing $200 Million

The 2008 financial crisis taught me about the illusion of control, and how to give it up.

Why We Never Got Ebola: A Christmas Story

Why We Never Got Ebola: A Christmas Story:

Ebola never spread to the resource-rich countries. It never made it to your hometown, infecting hundreds of people, and this is why: People let go of religion, bias and beliefs and simply worked together.

Chicago Christmas, 1984

How John, a father of 14, lost Christmas.