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So, Windows 10 can use Objective C, C++, and Javascript for apps now. That means that iOS and Android apps can be ported over directly into any device. PC, phone, Surface, even the Xbone. That is pretty fucking awesome.

  • At least Microsoft finally figured it out. If you can't get people to develop for your platform, just create an emulator... : amiantos
  • I put my mom's pirated copy of Windows 7 in line for a free copy of Windows 10 today. How exciting! I hope it doesn't bite... : amiantos
    • It's basically a prettier, faster version of 7 with some more bells and whistles. You should be okay. : dancrum
Review Of Leaked Test Results Shows Doping Is Widespread In Track And Field

The reports are based on the results of more than 12,000 blood tests from 5,000 athletes. Experts said analysis shows the sport's governing body has failed to take sufficient action against dopers.

A Hitchhiking Robot's Journey West Ends Early... In Philadelphia

The hitchBOT, as its creators named it, had already successfully traversed Canada and Germany. This summer, relying on the kindness of strangers, it wanted to travel from Massachusetts to California.

Have You Heard the One About President Joe Biden?

A graveyard, a stutter and Ray-Bans: The Vice President, profiled.

Jeanne Marie Laskas | GQ | Jul 2013
Mexican Photojournalist Found Dead In Country's Capital

After facing threats, Rubén Espinosa fled to Mexico City seeking refuge. He was found dead along with four other people at an apartment in the capital, which had in the past been seen as a safe-haven.

The New Abolitionists

The anti-human trafficking stings conducted by Operation Underground Railroad are flashy, exciting, camera-ready. Whether or not they truly help victims is another question.

President Obama To Unveil Tough Proposal Targeting Greenhouse Gases

In the final proposal, Obama will unveil measures that are tougher than those in the 2014 draft proposal. The rules seek to curb carbon emissions from power plants by 32 percent by 2030.

More Plane Debris Washes Up On RĂ©union Island

Authorities said one of the parts found earlier belonged to a Boeing 777, the same kind of plane as the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

How A Small-Time Drug Dealer Rescued Dozens During Katrina

When all else failed, he commandeered a bus, and saved his neighbors. Now he’s in prison.

Joel D. Anderson | Buzzfeed | Jul 2015
Texas Attorney General Indicted On Felony Charges, 'New York Times' Reports

State attorney General Ken Paxton was indicted on three counts of securities fraud, according to the Times, and is expected to turn himself in to authorities on Monday.


The politics of Planned Parenthood.

Jill Lepore | New Yorker | Nov 2011
Jericho Isn't Cecil's Brother And Is Probably Still Alive, Lion Researcher Says

Citing "huge disgust and sadness," a conservation group said the lion nicknamed Jericho had been killed Saturday. But a researcher in Zimbabwe says he doesn't believe it.

Wildfires In California Spur Emergency Declaration; 1 Firefighter Dead

Nine of the largest fires cover areas of at least 1,000 acres each; a firefighter from Rapid City, S.D., was killed while battling one large blaze in Northern California.

After Devastating Injury, Austrian Pole Vaulter Is Breathing On Her Own

Doctors say the fall has left Kira Grunberg, 21, a paraplegic — a development that shocked the sports world in Europe and brought offers of emotional and financial support.

Sailing Federation Will Test Waters For Viruses In Brazil's Olympics Venues

The International Sailing Federation says the move is prompted by concerns over athletes' health and safety, after reports of raw sewage and trash in the water around Rio.

The Arc of the Sun

A trip to the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race.

MH370 Update: Recovered Jet Section Arrives At French Lab For Testing

After the large piece of debris was discovered on the French island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean this week, Malaysia Airlines said it "is almost certainly part of a Boeing 777."

Best of Enemies

The mutual hatred of Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley, Jr., punctuated by great insults like “crypto-Nazi.”

Jim Holt | New York | Jul 2015
Israeli Officials Promise To Find Arsonists Who Killed Palestinian Child

The Israeli prime minister says he's shocked and outraged at the attack. An analyst says public concern could make this a defining moment for Israelis.

Pacific Trade Pact In Limbo As Talks End Without A Deal

Disagreements remain among the 12 countries regarding drug patents, market access and more, and likely will delay congressional debate of any eventual agreement into 2016.