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Sunday Brunch is always a great idea.

  • Brunch at 8 AM? : amiantos
    • No Dummy : jessluv

I remember back in 2004 when this Le Tigre album came out, I tried listening to it, and I was totally appalled and didn't get it. 10 years later and now it makes absolute perfect sense to me. It wasn't until 2005 that I would start learning how to like Sleater-Kinney and all the rest.


People love me at work! I always get hooked up with awesome treats!

  • Treats like what? : amiantos
  • Just unexpected kindness : jessluv

I'm very pleased with this website so far. I rate it 7/10, would share with all my friends if I had any.

  • Me too... Me too. I'll work on getting it up to a 9/10. : amiantos
  • I see you had some sort of problem logging in earlier, were you able to log in? : amiantos
    • A little while ago, yeah. I'd hit the log in button and I would still be logged out, so I gave up after a few tries. It worked... : Jolteon39
      • There was a cookie conflict I had to resolve, apologies. Luckily I saw some evidence of your login attempts so I looked to... : amiantos
  • You might want to re-upload your profile gif to see if the resized/thumbnail version ends up being a little less blurry.... : amiantos
    • Oh yeah, I just tested it myself using your avatar, and it makes a decent difference. : amiantos

Boss won't be there til 1pm. Fuck yes.

  • I was supposed to have breakfast with one of the owners this morning but he probably got too drunk last night and slept through... : amiantos
    • Or maybe he didn't want to feed you : jessluv

Smoking weed! With @amiantos

  • Set a profile picture! : amiantos

Officially impressed with amiantos.net @amiantos

  • Oh yeah? It's that much cooler looking now? lol : amiantos
    • Yes. Yes it is. : jessluv
    • Definitely. All it needs now is softer background colors and it gets an A+. : Jolteon39
      • Do you have an example of what you mean by softer? I understand you want color... But how dark? Or do you just want a dark... : amiantos
        • Yeah, something darker. White is a horrible color to have to stare at, so a deep blue or something would be nice. : Jolteon39
          • Alright, I got you. : amiantos

No support for animated GIFs or transparency for avatars? Lame!

  • I will look into this and fix it. I need to improve the image uploader anyway to generate multiple thumbnail sizes. : amiantos

Department meeting today. Boring!

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Los Frikis

The story of how punk rock’s arrival in Cuba allowed a small band of outsiders to sentence themselves to death and set themselves free.


I love the new logo, but hate the new layout.

  • Feel free to take a stab at designing it differently. Make a mockup if you want, I can handle the codifying. : amiantos
  • Tell me what you would do differently!!! DO IT! TALK TO ME. : amiantos

Happiness is just a moment before you need more happiness.

  • Happiness isn't a thing you have for yourself, it's a gift you get to give to others! : amiantos
    • If that was true, sad people could never give any happiness to others. : Jolteon39
      • Even sad people have happiness to give others. For example, sad women can still give blowjobs, and still have vaginas. : amiantos
        • Wow. : jessluv
        • That's not what I meant. : Jolteon39
          • What did you mean then? You don't have to possess happiness yourself to bring it to others. I was being crass but... a depressed... : amiantos
            • Well, yeah, that's what I meant. If happiness was a gift you gave others, then people that didn't have any happiness to give... : Jolteon39

@amiantos You should design a Facebook-style version of Textlike so everyone can play it together here, endless amounts of posts bugging other users for apples and bandages and stuff all included!

  • LOL, that's a great idea. Maybe when I start to get bored with adding features to this I can see if I can make Textlike more... : amiantos

@amiantos I feel super special!

  • Wheeeeee! : amiantos


  • That sounds unhealthy. : Jolteon39
  • Stop coming onto corpses. : amiantos
    • Damn you for being so clever.  : jessluv

Fuck people and their opinions.....sometimes, but especially today!

  • Fuck her right in the opinion! : davery
    • YES! Fuck them all! : jessluv

I like the online user display at the bottom, but maybe it should be up top

  • It doesn't show who's online, though. : Jolteon39
    • Yeah, that does kinda suck : jessluv
      • Fine, I will add this. : amiantos
    • I added this but you have to hover a mouse cursor over it to see who is online. I will have to add some sort of pop up on... : amiantos
  • Much better. Now I can see when I have this place all to myself lol : jessluv
    • 6:42 AM would be that time for sure. : amiantos
      • True : jessluv

DMV sucks. Getting old sucks. Having to renew your drivers license at the DMV cause you've had too many renewals over the Internet double sucks.

  • But being alive? It's priceless! God bless. : amiantos
    • It's only priceless if someone would want to buy it. : davery

I hate people and their sports, always making me worry about their injuries and getting hurt and stuff.

  • People should play safe sports. Like eSports. No one ever got hurt playing eSports. Unless you count social lives as people.... : amiantos
    • I'm going to try and get all the dangerous sports (basically all of them) made illegal someday. If you live in the US, vote... : Jolteon39
      • You have my vote. : amiantos


Thought you might appreciate this Brad, the first draft of the logo I made for the the StarCitizen organization I'm in, PK StarStorm Omega

  • [image] : dancrum
    • Pretty cool. Very late 90's. Judge Dredd. : amiantos
  • Also, being able to edit/delete posts would be nice. : dancrum
    • I guess. It wouldn't be hard to implement. : amiantos
  • Reply notifications are IN. :) : amiantos