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How To Use

  • Write posts

    Posts can be about everything. Write long posts, write short posts. This is meant to be both a blogging platform and a discussion forum, so feel free. Any URL you paste in will be auto-linked, any image URL will be displayed. Amiantos.net uses a Markdown parser to display posts and comments.

  • Post links

    Any URL can put submitted along with a post. Images, Spotify songs, YouTube links, and other stuff, will be displayed at the top of your post. Feel free to edit the link title before you submit it.

  • Upload Images

    Use the upload box on the new post form to upload images to Imgur and the URL will be inserted into the URL box automatically! Any images you upload after that first one will be inserted into the post box.

  • Use Tags

    You can just write hashtags right into your post if you want. Tags improve the discoverability of your post: people who follow tags relevant to your post would probably like to see it!

  • Talk to others

    To mention other users, use @replies just like Twitter.

  • Embedding images

    Any image link you write into your post or comments will be automatically displayed in the post.

  • Email notifications

    Email notifications are sent every 15 minutes and group together any notifications that haven't been read or emailed to you previously.

  • Follow users

    On a user's profile page you can follow that user. Their posts will then appear in your "Following" feed.

  • Follow tags

    On a tag's feed page (ex. /tag/volkswagen), you can follow that tag. Any posts tagged with it will appear on your "Tags" feed.


  • This is a feminist website. As such, any racist, sexist, or bigoted behavior will not be tolerated, and you will be warned. Banned if it becomes a pattern.
  • If you think you have the right to harass, bully, or intimidate other users, you will be banned.
  • If you expose anyone's personal information or try to "out" other users, you will be banned.
  • If you are always the center of attention because people are complaining about you, you will be banned.
  • If you personally attack someone during a heated discussion, you will be warned. Banned if it becomes a pattern.

To Do

--------High Priority-----------

  • Create proper commenting expand/collapse JS functions
  • Add "auto-tagging" (spotify links get tagged 'music' 'spotify' the band name, youtube tagged 'video' etc)
  • Add display of users and tags you're following somewhere...
  • Account delete functionality
  • Need better @mention autocompleter (better mobile support)
  • Mark all notifications as read...
  • Ajax comment posting

--------Low Priority-----------

  • Expand search function
  • Change format of time records in database
  • Notification of followers?
  • User blocking? (Complicated...)
  • Mutual following notification or messages/display?
  • Upgrade profile image uploader (nicer ajax)
  • Add more link styles
  • Implement thread juggling lifespan
  • Action/post rate limiter
  • Password Reset / Forgot Password functionality
  • Editing posts, with version history.

Known Issues

  • Lingering issues with user colors in the stylesheet...
  • Little bits and pieces of the site are not as nice as they could be, derp.
  • There are problems with mod_security and certain text posts. If you get a "forbidden" error trying to post a comment or post, please email me the text of the post and the time you tried to post so I can try to get more rules whitelisted. Shared hosting is lame in this regard...

Change Log


  • Complete re-design of the site.
  • Removed share sheet functionality.
  • Removed tagit tag editor.
  • Consolidated About and Changes pages.


  • Added share sheet functionality.
  • Tried adding OpenGraph tags for social sharing to work properly...
  • Re-implemented user colors.


  • Put finishing touches on the new site design.
  • Improved grabbing hashtags from posts and improved hashtag auto-linker.


  • Basically turning the site into a Spotify / iOS 9 hybrid design.


  • Added Next Post and Previous Post links for traversing user's posts.


  • Undergoing big design/layout overhaul, re-implementing sidebar for non-mobile viewing.


  • Added selectable content filters for Photos, Text, Links, and Videos to use profile pages


  • Set "filtered" feed to pickable and is default no matter what.


  • Significantly improved functionality and SOE of comment and post permalinks.


  • Changed default feed to exclude high volume RSS feeds.
  • Improved appearance and functionality of empty /following and /tags feeds.
  • People who don't follow anyone will be presented the filtered global feed unless they specifically select the global feed.


  • Added back score on posts and comments...


  • Your posts automatically appear in the Following feed now.
  • If you upload more than one image in the New Post box, additional image URLs will be appended to your post content.
  • Fixed inline image display I think. Looks good in posts and comments.
  • Imgur uploader now integrated into comment posting.
  • "Global Feed" moved to /all. If you're logged in, you'll be redirected to '/following' by default.


  • Separated New Post (/post) and Notification (/notifications) pages away from index.
  • Fixed tag pagination (wasn't enabled...)
  • Created separate 'settings' page.
  • You can now change your password, whoa!
  • Added rudimentary search functionality (searches content, titles, and urls)


  • Re-did top menu.
  • Re-positioned new post and notifications box
  • Fixed some issues with dark theme and user colors.
  • Whoops, ended up deleting dark theme. It'll be back.
  • Added notification count badge.
  • Re-did dark theme.
  • Your profile color selection no longer colors the whole theme, will add this back in.
  • Added Orange (for radiolab) and Gray (for criminal) color selections.


  • Added import of This American Life
  • Added proper titles for pages (no more "post #12323 - comment #131313")


  • Added automatic RSS import for NPR news headlines.
  • And for longform.org RSS
  • Re-enabled header support in Parsedown


  • Added automatic RSS import for 'the-feature' on Tumblr.


  • Redesigned user profile box design
  • Fixed tag page box design
  • Fixed native emoji support!!


  • Glyphed interface somewhat, thanks IcoMoon
  • Added TagIt for ajax-y tag management.
  • Added tag display under post content


  • Removed drop shadow motif from posts and stuff...
  • Changed desktop layout to resemble mobile layout.


  • Fixed issue with Tag Feed


  • You can now follow users.
  • You can now switch to a list of posts from only users you follow
  • You can now follow tags
  • You can now switch to a list of posts only from tags you follow
  • Added followers stat to people page, and expanded other stats.


  • Posts and comments are now highlighted according to the user's theme color selection.


  • Fixed small expanded comment design bug for non-logged in users.
  • Added back introduction text for non-logged in users.
  • Fixed bug where deleted comments left behind orphaned notifications


  • Added post and comment delete functionality.
  • Added theme highlight color selection (7 choices! Wow!)
  • Added auto-expanding textareas.
  • Fixed hashtags-in-posts/comments processor.


  • Added min-width for comments on mobile
  • Reduced comment threading margins on mobile
  • Imgur uploader implemented for new posts
  • Made top menu presentable again. Not quite responsive though (no drop down)


  • Removed responsive-nav menu because it's stupid javascript bullshit was breaking shit on the iphone.


  • Updated "People" page to show additional stats.


  • Small default style changes


  • Comments are now colored according to their age to make newer comments easier to spot.
  • Long comment threads are automatically collapsed.
  • Comments that are opened, but are off-screen, are now scrolled-to automatically.


  • Fiddling with comment formatting/styling.


  • Added icons to Like and Dislike
  • Fixed landscape orientation problems on iPhones.
  • Added gfycat support


  • Added Facebook share button in lieu of direct FB integration
  • Restored comment close x button
  • "last seen" mouse-over in user profile
  • Accidentally added like/dislike system.
  • You auto-like your own posts and comments now.


  • Fixing design bugs.
  • Expanded reducify to reduce [links] as well.
  • Long inline links are shortened in comment and post display now.
  • Moved notifications display to a floating button on mobile.
  • Added dark theme (selectable in user profile)
  • Fleshed out past history in change log


  • Improved link title grabber possibly.
  • Created reducify to reduce image links to text in small comments.
  • Improved inline image embedder, too.
    • ((?:([^:/?#]+):)?(?://([^/?#]*))?([^?#]*\.(?:jpg|gif|png|jpeg|bmp))(?:\?([^#]*))?(?:#(.*))?)
  • Added animated gif and alpha transparency support to profile image uploader
  • Created /post/##/comments/## permalinks for comments
  • Fixed bugs in the login persistence system.
  • Messed with design some more.


  • Re-designed persistent login system.


  • Overhauled site design.
  • Mobile new post box sticks to bottom of the screen now.


  • Fixed comment posting autofocus bug on iOS
  • In theory I fixed cookie issues
  • Locally hosted background to cut down on load time


  • Added SoundCloud API player
  • Messed with styling a bit
  • Fixed retina icons
  • Fixed emoji problem (hashtag linkify was breaking emojis) 😒
  • Vastly improved comment loading and closing.
  • You can now individually close expanded comments if you desire.


  • Added new up-top responsive menu
  • Added "People" page to show list of online users and scoreboards
  • Changed logo slash icon
  • Tweaked comment format a little


  • Added hashtag tracking. (Hashtags by the posting user in the post or comments are automatically assigned to the post.)
  • Added hashtag stream pages (amiantos.net/tag/hashtag)
  • Added username list to active user readout (mouseover)
  • Updated About page with a short guide on how to use the site.
  • Added three 'scoreboards' for discoverability to the sidebar


  • Re-wrote about page and edited privacy policy
  • Added active user tracking and render time (footer, bottom of page)
  • Added email notifications
    • Email notifications only fire if you've been inactive for more than 15 minutes.
    • Email notifications send every 15 minutes and group together all un-emailed and un-read notifications
  • Added ability to add or change email address.
  • Added ability to turn email notifications on or off.
  • Fixed ability to change user bio.
  • Added join date to user profile pages.
  • Added Changes page, replaced Todo page.
  • Changed styling a bit, added a background


  • Added @mention and #hashtag auto-linking.
  • Added @mention logging
  • Added @mention notifications
  • Added post and comment reply notifications
  • Added @mention auto-completion/username search


  • Implemented automatic in-line image embeds


  • Fixed link title grabber


  • Added commenting system
  • Added automatic link type detection
  • Implemented post-juggling on comment


  • Implemented responsive design
  • Fixed bug where users were being logged in as other users, whoops


  • Switched to Parsedown/Markdown for text processing


  • Ability to upload avatar
  • Ability to add biography


  • Created user registration system

Privacy Policy

Information we collect; how we use it

Automatically collected technical information: Our servers log information about each computer connecting with our site such as IP address, device characteristics, operating system, browser type, type of connection, page and file viewing statistics, and incoming and outgoing links. None of this automatically collected technical information is associated with any identified person at the time it is collected, but it could be associated with you under two circumstances: First, if you choose to give us personal data about you as described below, the technical information we collect that would otherwise be anonymous could instead be logged as coming from you; and second, if we are required to disclose our server logs as a result of a subpoena or other legal process, some third party such as your internet provider could match our anonymous technical information with you, using information beyond what is found on our servers.

We may use cookies, web beacons, or other anonymous tracking information to improve our server's interaction with your computer, and we may partner with Google who may place or recognize a unique cookie on your browser for statistics tracking.

Personal data you choose to give us: We collect whatever personal data about you that you choose to give us, such as username, email address, and profile information. We consider such personal data to be "Private Data," and subject to the "Personal Data Protection" paragraph below, with the following exception: Any data (text, images, videos, etc.) you post to a public forum on our site, linked to or from our site, or share via a social networking or promotional function, will not be considered "Private Data" and will not be subject to the "Personal Data Protection" paragraph below.

Amiantos.net does not work with advertisers and does not sell information to any third parties under any circumstances.

Personal Data Protection

Amiantos.net does not disclose to any third party Private Data you have given us. The only exception, obviously, is if we are forced to disclose the information as a result of a subpoena or other legal process. You may correct, amend, or delete inaccurate Private Data information you have given us. For legal reasons we may retain backup and/or archival copies of information prior to your corrections, amendments, or deletions.* We take every reasonable precaution to protect your Private Data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. You are responsible for taking every reasonable precaution on your end to protect any unauthorized person from accessing your Amiantos.net account.

If you have any questions about our use of your Private Data, please contact us at brad@amiantos.net.

* I hope I don't actually legally have to keep deleted content, because I don't.

We may revise our privacy policy from time to time by posting the changes here.